Greeter Reader Chipmunk

(Beta-Script 20200321:17:37)


We need you to be of service in the virtual rooms and at the physical location.

We did not remove our meeting from the schedule, that means we need a few people to still greet at the Allandale location hold a meeting there and steer people to the online meeting for the future.


The virtual room needs readers for 9th Step promises and How it works. We could just as easily assign us if you showed up in the room but for now we need bright shiny faces a few minutes early so that you can greet people and engage them in the chat.


We are trying to convert the physical chips over to virtual chips until we can figure out a way to be face-to-face again. Just like in a regular meeting we need a strong person who is willing to speak up congratulate people and ask them how they did it.