Allandale Calendar Process

Moderator Manager position executes the calendar process.

You must have Admin rights and be trained as Moderator.


@ Events: Update by removing date from recurrence
events are “chair needed”
possible edits Day/Night/Womens
@ Amelia: Daily Check for new proposed chairs
View new chair to be approved: Get date
-@ Events: Update by removing date from recurrence
-@ Amelia- Calendar: Approve change circle to green


@ Events Edit Step meeting to change steps and traditions
@ SMS send to Moderators ask if they want to step down or trade
-anyone trading can request another shift, but must train a replacement concurrently
-anyone stepping down, will be asked to to a postmortem on what they want changed

If meetings get added or deleted on schedule:
-@ Amelia- 1 (Employee) Moderator work hours edit
-@ Events- 2 Chair needed and Meeting – recurrence