Allandale Virtual Meeting

To support the members we will offer our regularly scheduled meetings online:

  • EVERYDAY Noon to 1PM (Central Time)
  • Monday-Friday 7PM to 8PM (Central Time)
  • Meeting link Noon & 7PM: meeting
  • Meeting link Women’s Friday Noon: women’s

Meetings created & managed by Men of Allandale


If you missed it May 20 topics of discussion for GCM will be posted here

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This will be an online meeting you may login anonymously to share you must enable your microphone.

You may be asked to install something and give permission to access video and microphone. If you feel this is an intrusion just listen and chat.

Austin AA COVID meeting details

  1. Stats_Survey_ReOpen AA
  2. Remarks__Survey ReOpen AA
  3. Workshop Comments and Q_A