Allandale Meetings

Please note our updated IN-PERSON meeting schedule:

Mon-Fri at noon in room 100.

Men’s meeting: Monday at noon in room 109.

Women’s meeting: Friday at noon in room 109.

7pm meeting in room 109: Mon, Tues, Wed only.

ALLANDALE ZOOM –  The 7pm Zoom meeting is going strong. Login at:

If you’d like a copy of the Allandale Group Conscience or Steering Committee meeting minutes, please email

If you’d like more local Zoom options, take a look at the Intergroup website:

For self-moderated meetings, the meeting script link:

If there is no moderator, members may use the online meeting script link to have a meeting.  Screen sharing is only possible with a moderator account. We will NOT be sharing the moderator account login.

  • To donate to the 7th Tradition, just point your phone to this QRcode or scroll down and click on the “donate” button. If you are on your phone: press and hold for menu option to open in the PayPal app.

If you want to join the “24hr International Marathon Meeting”, click this link: