This is for the purpose of:

  • Keeping in touch
  • Be available to sponsor
  • 12 step calls

If you would like to be on the Allandale contact list please complete following:

  • Suggested option is email address
  • Please enter a last initial or last name, if you have a common name consider more than last initial
  • Early in sobriety it is suggested that we choose a sponsor of our own gender.
  • Sobriety Date
  • Contact Info

  • Required phone number format: (###) ###-####
    We send text/SMS to members
  • Service Work

    Below are three checkboxes to the right of the topics. You may always edit your profile page or ask the administrator via email.
    If you have a sponsor and are willing to sponsor
    You have the time and we may contact you for service work.
    Allandale's group conscience request that chair people have six months of sobriety. Monday meetings require 2 years.