Steering Committee Minutes October

Allandale Steering Committee Meeting Minutes

October 21, 2020

Attendees: Chris C, Carole J., Wes P, Eric B, David N, Dallas M, Tom O, Peggy D, Dan B,
Warren W, David C, Joe K, Stephen S, Stewart G, Lisa B
1. 1:09 pm Wes P. opened the meeting with the Serenity Prayer.
2. Virtual Sign in recorded.
3. David N recognized on GSR – GSP supports the groups, and people worldwide
try to find out about AA programs. Old days people would write them, and
they would send a book and tell them closest meeting. During covid 19,
volume of calls going up. Going into red using reserves. Districts have surplus
because not doing conferences. Motion was made at district to take a third of
money in the bank, close to $5k, and send to GSO. Want feedback from
individual groups on this. Dan B – I think it is a wise thing to do. We have
money in our treasury sitting there. Wes P – Dean has been network guy with
zoom, set up a place for venmo contributions. Eventually will be put in acct,
meanwhile in a secure acct. He can tell us amount in there. Dan B – Allandale
has plenty of $, waiting to be deployed. Tom O –present to group conscience?
Carole – no, it’s a business matter, we’re not changing policy. Dallas – funds at
the district level? District can do what they want. Our obligation stops once it
goes to the district. David N – at meeting of GSR, safe to find out if anyone
opposed. David N – motion that we are not opposed to them spending
money on GSO. Passes unanimously. Stephen – read from the 12 Concepts
about GSR having traditional right of decision.
4. Wes – Dean wanted to bring he has continued managing our zoom and contact
with members, and when they do a large email, there is a cost per email.
Sending about two or three per month. Around $50/month costs Dean. He
submits an invoice via wife requesting payment, and then able to be paid
through a draw from paypal or venmo. It’s working fine, and documented with
invoices. Dean has several months stacked up and needs to make a draw and
Wes gave him the thumbs up.
5. David C – chips, literature, phone. Grapevine too. David C – Stewart came by
and picked up a case of books, phone lists, and roll of 24-hour chips for
newcomers. Not sure what is left in church, in terms of books. Phone lists
extremely vital right now. Going to keep them as current as we can. If someone

wants to be on phone list, have them contact David C by email. Nothing has
happened with grapevine as alternative. Dan B – have box of phone lists in my
garage. May be out of date. Have a bunch of third step prayers too. Wes – as I
recall, last days of church, was most of a case of books. Stewart – thanks David
for letting me pick up those books. Have given out 8 good books and several
phone lists. With help of facility liaison, got into church and got 1 case of big
books and have 1 ¾ cases of books at my disposal. Almost full roll of desire
6. Stewart on archives – not where we need to be, missing several old ones. Not
there yet.
7. Carole as church liaison – about where we were last time on Covenant. Church
doing a few things outside, such as a Vespar service. Limited to 70 people. If
small group up to ten wants to meet, it is allowed. We can’t do anything
different as far as church concerned. Wes – text me offline about groups that
meet in person.
8. Wes on elections, social – coming up on December 16. Several things open.
Included excel spreadsheet for all positions and when they roll off. I am on as
chair thru Jan 22, Warren as alternate. Secretary is up Jan, and alternate. Will
need treasurer, and alt treasurer. GSR continues. Intergroup rep Sully has
rolled off. Alt is Wales. Treatment facilities rep and alt continues. Corrections
is Haley, continues. No alternate. Literature/chips, David, is up. (David – would
love to continue in current roles except alternate secretary.) Kimba is
alternate. Grapevine, Kira, is up. David is alt. Archivist Stewart is up, as is
alternate. Greg dropped off. Phone list David up, alternate not filled. Social
events continues. Facilities liaison not dated, Carole continues. Ali still doing
calendars and seems willing to continue once we return to face to face
meetings. Dean needs to be added to SC list for his role. Any discussion?
Stewart – probably talk to Dean about signing people up to run. Carole – Need
to disseminate along with description. Anything on social events tom? Tom –
talking to Judy V about comeback coffee. Maybe an hour before a meeting, with
cake and coffee. Something simple. Who knows when we get there? Christmas
Party up in smoke I guess. Wes – Carole what are chances we could have coffee
on church patio? Carole – Darlene said they weren’t really doing anything with
outside groups at this point. So if we wanted to do it, happy to talk to her. My
guess is things are not going to start opening up until there is a vaccine. Wes –
Church not opening, but we could do it off campus. Tom – don’t want to
jeopardize someone’s health. Whole idea was we were coming back to in person meetings. Dallas – sure he can work out some way to put up elections info, maybe on website.
9. Wes adjourned meeting pending the serenity prayer at 1:44 pm.