As of the Group Conscience – August 19 allandale formed a newcomer service work position of Sobriety-birthday-caller.

To engage both newcomers and members celebration multiple years of sobriety we are asking sponsors to choose sponsees who need to connect with others. This position is for newcomers who need to learn to reach out to other alcoholics.

Commitment: 1 month, one man, one woman. (24 people per year)

The requirement are: volunteer needs approval from their sponsor. Commit for a month. Call on or before the sobriety day for members with more than one year. These calls can be made any time up to a week before the date. If necessary volunteers should leave fun messages and confirm they are calling back for a direct chat. Topics of the call:

  • Congratulate them.
  • How did they do it?
  • How are they going to celebrate?
  • Have chaired a meeting lately?
  • If they have problems with any of the technology, refer them to the site admin.

The site admin will send a list of each month’s members to the person.

The newcomer will be engaging members, getting phone numbers, doing a service and learning how the site works for future service work. This also helps get phone list members engaged.