Group Conscience – November 18 Proposed Topics

Nov 18 @ 1:10 PM in the main zoom meeting room.

If you would like to add a topic please send email to a before Nov 17 NOON. You must be present for your topic to be discussed.

Topics in order of proposal:

Stewart G
Wed, Oct 28
Could we amend the script/directions so that when the meeting ends the Moderator allows a few minutes for exchange? Or if they need to leave, they can hand off the Host function to someone in the room? It’s not all the time, but sometimes as soon as the prayer is over the Moderator end the Zoom session. It happened again today and there was a newcomer. It would have been great to welcome and encourage them.

Kristen B
Fri, Nov 13
My topic is adding a definition of cross-talk and specifically not cross-talking about not being on video into the script.

Jennifer L
Tue, Nov 17
I would like to propose suspending the online women’s meeting on Friday at 12pm. I moderate the meeting. It has not met since the last group conscience meeting. Every few weeks someone logs in, we chat for a minute, and they decide to join the regular meeting in progress. Most weeks this does not occur. I do not know (perhaps someone could check) when someone last signed up as chair. I would like to attend the regular meeting if my service is not needed at this time.

Judy A Tuesday 17

Decrease requirement for chairing to 3 months and actively working steps, with sponsors approval.