Group Conscience – May 19 Proposed Topics

Group Conscience – May 19 Proposed Topics

Topics: These are quotes from emails sent on or before May 18, 2021.

DeLea B: So many of us didn’t pick up physical chips over the last year.  And now, many of us have never met in person and only know each other on zoom.  How about a big Party?  A Picnic in the park, and we all pick up our chips.  Maybe we don’t all speak, like normal when pick up Chips, but would be special to do all together.

Judy W: When people cause a disturbance in the meeting they be muted.

Mary A: Ask alcoholics chair no more than one meeting a week.

Dean B: Accounting Report.

Details can be found here

  • Expense donations a per GC for past 14 months: $2100
  • Expenses last 30 days: $30
  • Expenses yearly:  not including monthly $220-600