moderator meeting 20200328

Draft Moderator Checklist 3.31.20


30 minutes to top of the hour: Open meeting room, greet participants

20 minutes to top of the hour: Confer with Chair

Preference to track share cue, call on participants

Chair designates readers for How it Works, Promises

Chair designates Chipmunk

Designate a Timer (host or co-host)


1-minute to top of the hour: “one minute out” notice to Chair, meeting

Top of the hour: share screen, read intro, scroll through meeting script

Whack-a-mole mute


5 minutes to bottom of the hour: Private message to Chair “halftime”

Read announcements (follow meeting script)

7 minutes to top of the hour: Private message to Chair “Wrap-up”

Share screen, follow meeting script for sponsors, chips



MODs in training these are the steps & names.

Name Chair Watch-co-mod 1/2 load: Orient Chair/ Read 1/2: Org Shares /Mute/ Timer As main/ with co-mod & inventory
Lisa W.
Brian B.
Paul B.

Today we move from site startup to community support for the moderator function.

Date of meeting: Saturday, March 28 1:15 PM to 2:30 PM Central.

Mostly Jennifer L. and Dean B. have been and carrying the load for the meetings over the past two weeks in an ad hoc fashion. Today we are establishing a training program to get a consistency and feel for any moderator who facilitates our online meetings. Since we do not know how long this site or position will last we are going to ask moderators to do one meeting a week on a consistent day and time. ( If you sign up for the Monday noon meeting you will be doing moderating until the end of May, for a total of 8 times.) Moderators may do 2-3 meetings per week. If you have any more time to dedicate to service work we ask that you help with other website administration and functions.

Our efforts here are for the new and still suffering; so that they may have a consistent meeting, a consistent set of activities that engage them in the meetings.

We will ask all the moderators to collect data for the next 2 months so that we can readjust or dissolve the moderator position.

Agenda: 60-75 minutes.

  • Basic functions of moderator and chair in the virtual meeting.
  • Setup of moderator’s tools to execute meeting.
  • Sign up for moderating meetings; commit to a day/time.
  • How the site sends messages.
  • Question and Answer.


Images for training:

Setup Install:

Meeting layout:

Changing the name:

More detailed training here.

What is wrong visually with this setup?

Problem Solving:


Spamming the room


Whack-a-mole – muting

4 keep popping up

No user support


Everyone wants to share- using share

2 problems at once